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My Name is Juan
I became sick with the maintenance of social media so I've put this here instead.
It doesn't do anything.
However I do.
I make 3d visualisations for Architecture, Interior Design and Surgery.
I also make real things out of oak - roof shingles and tool handles so far.
I'm building a straw bale house right now to my own design.

I used to make websites but the above things are more fun.
If you want help with any of the stuff mentioned, contact whoever sent you here.
It's boring to try to hide email addresses from harverster bots.
Oooh, you could try sustainableluxury
If they find a way of spamming me there, I'll take that down too ^_^

Whilst I'm in the mood, I'm going to endorse
Mei is a cracking artist and illustrator of books so definitely follow her Amazon links to buy some of her work
Check out Drawfire here: Drawfire/
Ed's what I'd call a great Mechanical Design Engineer,
I'd call him a lot of other things too but for professional design for manufacture, he's your fellow.